Sunday, 3 June 2018


I thought my first post back could be on the same topic that it ended with in 2014: foundations. Almost four years later, unsurprisingly, I've changed the foundations I've been loving based on how my skin has changed. Compared to four years ago (when I last posted): I have a lot less acne, my acne scarring has reduced but there's still some hyperpigmentation, my skin is less oily, but I seem to have more clogged pores... I would say that's a slight success. So here's a rundown of my current faves and how they've worked for me.

I have never been complimented on my skin so much as when I'm wearing this foundation, from my boyfriend to my mum's friends to my friends to random people who see me on placement - everybody can't get enough of it! As I'm sure everyone is aware by now that Rihanna and her team did an amazing job bringing out this foundation (and the whole Fenty Beauty range to be honest), not only is it fully inclusive of all skin tones and shades but it is an incredible formula. A little really goes a long way with this foundation and it is totally buildable in coverage. I tend to save this foundation for special occasions or night outs or days where I need my foundation to be heavy duty and long lasting, i.e. I wore it for one of my best friend's weddings from 7am to 12am, a whole 17 hours it lasted. Plus it looks flawless in photos. At £26, I wouldn't even say it's overly expensive, it's not quite high street prices but it's similar to the likes of MAC Studio Fix Fluid (my old favourite).
My only qualm is that if I wear this foundation for weeks and weeks in a row, my skin does start to break out a little. I would probably put it down to a combination of the foundation being so full coverage and my skin being slightly sensitive.

This is my holy grail foundation, I am in love with it and for such a cheap price as well, it ticks every single box! It is a fabulous everyday foundation and it applies onto the skin so easily - I use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It comes in 20 different colour shades, again could probably do with a couple more darker shades. I wear this foundation in the winter because warm beige 90 is literally my skin colour. It makes your skin look smooth and it has good coverage without looking cakey, but can still be buildable. It works well with other face products and doesn't go patchy. If you look on the Kiko website, it's rated the best of their foundations and has so many reviews praising it. If I had to find a negative, I guess it would be that it's not like stand out amazing (like Fenty/Clinique) and lasts throughout the day well but I wouldn't wear it on a night out for example. For an affordable everyday foundation, this is the one.

After my skin cleared up and my acne scarring started to fade, I needed an everyday foundation that wasn't too heavy and was breathable, but was still able to give enough coverage for me to feel confident. This foundation did that for me. I wear this most days and I have also frequently been complimented on 'how nice my skin looks' (not quite as much as with Fenty) when I'm wearing this. Considering it's a light/medium coverage foundation, that's pretty good going in my eyes. It has the added bonus that it contains SPF, making it perfect to wear in the summer (and winter) - as each year goes by, I'm really starting to see the importance of protecting your youthful skin! I 100% agree with the marketing of 'even better glow', it really makes your skin look radiant, which is ideal for that fresh dewy look this summer. The shade range is good, and it caters for all undertones, maybe could do with a few more dark shades. My only issue is that when I first bought it, I didn't go into store to match my colour and instead watched YouTube videos to help find my right shade, it was slightly too dark, hence I've only recently been able to wear it everyday whilst I'm more tanned so I'm going to need to look for my winter shade.
----Quite often it does seem to be discounted on FeelUnique, I think when I got it it was around £23.----

LEFT: the foundations in normal light. RIGHT: foundation with flash.
As you can see the Kiko foundation is definitely my winter shade. The Fenty foundation has the least flashback and you can tell it has the fullest coverage. Whereas the Clinique one actually has quite a lot of flashback, most likely due to the SPF 15 in it, but you can see how glowy it truly is!!

Q. What are your favourite foundations, both everyday and heavy duty?

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  1. Thank you for these reviews. I was most curious about the Fenty Beauty one but so far I haven't tried it.
    My every day "foundation" would be tinted moisturizers by either NARS or Chantecaille. If I want to go full coverage I'd stick to Estée Lauder's Double Wear foundation.
    Happy Tuesday, Nnedi!


    1. I would definitely recommend trying Fenty Beauty for sure, even if it's just for special events!
      Thank you, have a lovely week xo

  2. These look great with your skin. Congratulations on your new post.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  3. You're utterly stunning Nnedi - I'm not surprised you're complimented on you skin! I'm especially loving the sound of the Fenty, despite the affordability of the Kiko - it looks slightly warmer than the others and I love that it's full coverage but can still be built up. I don't have sensitive skin so I think I'll be fine as far as breakouts go but I've always wanted to try it since it came out - I HAVE to pick one up! x
    Marina Rosie x

    1. Ahhhh thank you so much! Yes yes yes you have to try the Fenty, I think it caters to darker/tanned skin tones better than the other two. xo


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