Sunday, 23 June 2013

recent summer holiday buys

BLUE AND WHITE STRIPE HIGH WAIST SHORTS (on sale) at Miss Selfridge | £28 £14.40
CREAM LACE TURTLE NECK CROP from Miss Selfridge | £16
BLACK WHITE SPOT CROP TOP from Internacionale £10.99
CREAM LACE VEST TOP (on sale) at Internacionale | £5
PHOEBE AZTEC CROP TOP from Boohoo | £8
NEON PINK CROP TOP from Primark | £3
Now that I have finally finished my final A2 exams, my summer can now begin! These are just some of my most recent buys that I've acquired over this month of June or so. After now photographing and writing this post, I've realised that I've really been liking crop tops recently seeing as I bought four.. It really sucks that it's not quite summer yet in England though, seeing as there's been pretty much torrential rain all of today and I'm still wearing black opaque tights and jackets everywhere :( however it's only 18 days until I'm in the 40 degree heat of Faliraki so I can't complain too much.

Monday, 10 June 2013

summer ombre nails

SALLY HANSEN MIRACLE CURE - BARRY M (318 PEACH MELBA, 305 PINK FLAMINGO, 308 BERRY ICE CREAM) - SOME SPONGE (a cut off part of the kitchen sponge..)
STEP 1: Clean off any previous nail polish of course and apply a clear base coat
STEP 2: Pick your colours of nail polish - go for a light pale colour as the bottom colour (such as white, peach, lemon yellow, mint green) and then a bright colour in a similar colour palette (such as coral, hot pink, bright/neon orange, dark blue etc.)
STEP 3: Apply the bottom colour - I had to do two coats in order to get the desired colour
STEP 4: Put a blob of your light colour and bright/darker colour next to each other on some paper to avoid mess!
STEP 5: Use a cocktail stick to mix the two colours together until you get a nice in between colour
STEP 6: Dab your sponge into the colour horizontally so you get a mix of all the colours across the sponge
STEP 7: Dab the sponge on your nails, with the lighter colour at the base and the darker colour at the top

STEP 8: Then dab the sponge directly into the darker colour and put it right on the tips for a more obvious gradient
STEP 9: Use some nail polish remover to clean around the edges because it is super messy or you can just wait a day and take a shower and the nail polish on your skin usually comes right off

- I tried using this lavender colour as well before putting on the hot pink for a different gradient of colour on my other hand. I think I like that better with the more tones of colour :-)
THE FINAL LOOK - forgive me as I'm too lazy to clean the excess off of my hands haha
Q: what nail trend are you loving for this summer?

Sunday, 12 May 2013

REVIEW: lush cupcake fresh face mask

I think I picked up this product about a month ago now and have been using it about 2 or 3 times a week. I went into the shop planning on buying Love Lettuce, but after talking to the lovely Lush worker and telling her that I tend to get oily skin, she convinced me that Cupcake would be better for me.

- I use it in the evenings only as I never have time to use a face mask in the mornings. I apply it evenly across myface with my fingertips, mainly concentrated on the areas that are more oily than others, such as my T-zone. I leave it on for around 30 minutes to an hour and wash it off either in a hot shower or in my putting my face in a basin of warm water.

- at first I was out of by the price as it's almost £6 for something quite small, but I've been surprised at how long it lasts! Considering I've had about 10 uses out of it already (plus my mum having a couple here and there), there's still half the pot left.
- it smells absolutely gorgeous, I'm not a huge fan of chocolate and I don't like that sickly sweet chocolatey cupcake smell, but this is much more if cocoa buttery/mild hot chocolate smell, which isn't too overpowering at all.
- it does work wonders for oily skin as advertised. I'm not surprised seeing as it contains rhassoul mud and the majority of mud masks are amazing at soaking up excess oil on the skin.
- the consistency of the product is pretty much perfect. It's a very solid mask that will stay on your face for however long you choose to keep it on their for.
- it leaves your skin feeling so super soft, smelling great and moisturised, which I'm guessing is down to the cocoa butter
- I also love that Lush do have a recycling scheme of "bring back 5 clean full-size Lush pots or tubes & get one fresh face mask free".

- it has a short lifespan because it is freshly made with fresh ingredients so it's expiry date is only about 3 weeks after purchase and in order to keep it fresh you have to keep it in the fridge pretty much all the time, as it will grow mouldy like any food that is meant to be refrigerated. However I've been using mine after the expiry date and it still works well, my mum always says that as long as it's been in the fridge it's all good.
- it says it's meant to help with spot prone skin and to be honest I haven't seen much of a difference spot wise although it has kind of helped keep breakouts at bay. It might be due to the mask being quite rich and because my skin is sensitive as well, it might be too much for it to handle, I'm not too sure.
I think I'll be trying Mask of Magnaminty next, seeing as that's better for sensitive skin as well.


Friday, 29 March 2013

tips for losing weight

This is going to be like a lifestyle post and not really related to beauty/fashion. For the past month and a half or so, I've been trying to lose weight and tone up my body for the summer seeing as I am going on sunny holiday with my best friends in July and I'm pretty sure we'll be wearing bikinis/swimsuits half the time. So I'm just going to share some of what I've been doing to be more healthy and lose fat.
  1. Do fun exercise that isn't monotonous. I think what I hated about exercise is that it can be so boring and repetitive which just made me not want to bother at all. But I've fallen in love with Just Dance for the wii, it is my method of exercise. I play Just Dance 3 at least 4 times a week, always trying to beat my high scores and it really makes you work up a sweat if you put a lot of effort into your dancing. Apparently an hour of Just Dance (about 15-17 songs) can burn about 350 calories! For my toning and strength training, I do pilates watching Blogilates on Youtube, it's free and she has sooo many great videos!
  2. Cut down/completely get rid of the "bad" foods out of your diet. This has to be the hardest for me, if you know me you'll know that I have such a sweet tooth, I'm literally in love with sweets. So I've made a calender in which I cross out the days I've gone without buying sweets and without buying crisps. I originally gave up crisps for lent, so I've lasted 6 weeks without crisps so far and surprisingly I'm not missing them at all. I've only done 2 weeks without sweets though, something I have realised is that sweets are evil to your body, the refined excess sugar is what gives you that pouch of fat at the bottom of your tummy :(
  3. Pay more attention to what you put in your mouth. Myfitnesspal is website and mobile app on the iPhone in which you calorie count basically, it has a huge database with pretty much every brand and food out there and you just input what you eat on a daily basis. Although it's not particularly good to obsess over your calorie intake, it's good for seeing how many grams of sugar and saturated fats you are having each day and it might surprise you how it all adds up, like it did me.
  4. Don't weigh yourself too often. I think it's important to know that the lbs aren't just going to drop off straight away, it's important to be patient. Muscle also weighs more than fat, so as you're burning fat you could be gaining muscle and so you're weight is more likely to remain the same. I think your appearance is more of what counts, look at the inches.
  5. Don't snack too much and drink lots of water. I had a tendency to snack whenever I felt hungry. Stupidly I was mistaking what I thought was 'hunger' and it was actually thirst, so now whenever I think I'm hungry I drink like a glass of water first and then see how I feel.
  6. Have a cheat day from time to time. It's all well and good healthy eating but for me the less "bad" food I eat, the more I absolutely crave food like pizza, KFC, cake and McDonalds, so like once a week I let myself have a cheat day, just in order to stay sane :)
So far I've lost 4.7kg which is 10lbs and I've lost an inch of my tummy and an inch and a half off my hips. I am kind of plateauing at the moment though, my weight dropped pretty quickly at first but now it's more gradual which I don't mind. 
My goal is to lose 3.3kg more meaning I would've lost 1.25 stone in total.

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

step into spring

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Seeing as spring is fast approaching us on the 20th March (which is also my mum's birthday), I thought I'd do a spring inspired outfit. I think spring has the nicest colour palette, like I love all the pastel shades that are around. The heeled Chelsea boots from Missguided are definitely my favourite piece in this outfit, I wish I could wear heels in the daytime though but I feel like I can only brave them at night. I paired them with cute little cream pop socks from Topshop which have been pretty on trend recently. Zara's infamous Office City Bag is close second favourite as it is beautifully classy and completes this girly look.

Also seeing as it has been announced that Google Reader is sadly going to die in July, feel free to follow me via Bloglovin instead and also on instagram :)

Q: what trends are you loving this spring?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

REVIEW: M&S Pure Instant Radiance Hot Cloth Cleanser

from MARKS & SPENCER | £9.50*

It's time for a mini review. Never had I been keen on using cleansers, I always found them to be quite heavy on my skin and make it a bit oily. But then my manager told me I had to try out this product and I'm so glad I was gifted it. 

How I use the product:
I know the convection of a lot of cleansers is to use it to clean off your makeup but for some reason I don't like the idea of getting the muslin cloth dirty so I tend to only use it in the mornings. For those who may not know, with a hot cloth cleanser (such as the renown Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish) you lightly massage it into your skin "to stimulate the skin and loosen dead skin cells" and then you run the muslin cloth under hot/warm water and in circular motions wipe the cleanser away. 

- it leaves your skin feeling soft, squeaky clean, refreshed and kind of like taut, in a good way of course.
- the consistency of it is great, it has a really nice texture and doesn't feel like it's running off your face or anything as it's thick and creamy.
- the whole Pure range really prides itself in the fact that their products are made from mostly natural ingredients, stating that at least 95% of the ingredients are in fact natural and homegrown. As well as their "bee friendly project", which is explained in full in the photo above AND they don't test on animals which is always fabulous.
- it's unscented which I personally love, it has a nice pleasant aroma that's not overpowered by synthetic or extremely fruity smells.
- being from Marks & Spencer it's a really accessible product as most major towns/cities (in the UK that is) seem to have a Marks & Spencer. If this range isn't in your nearest store then you can always order it to be delivered to your store for free.
- suitable for nearly all skin types pretty much, especially oily/combination skin as it doesn't make you feel greasy or anything.
- the price is pretty impressive considering you get 200ml for only £9.50 which is well worth it

- the pump dispenser is slightly annoying for the consistency and texture, when I first tried to use the cleanser, nothing would come out so I had to unscrew it and swirl it around a bit before it would work properly. I can imagine when it starts to run out, I'm going to have to just ditch the pump and hit it out.
- if you do like something fruity and scented then this isn't that unfortunately

Score: 5 out of 5, definitely recommend trying this out :-)

Monday, 4 March 2013

what's in my bag?

school stuff: 400 page pukka pad - OCR maths statistics text book - floral diary - A5 notebook - AQA A-level biology text book - scientific calculator - ruler/triangle thingy - pens
essentials: river island purse - iphone headphones - blackberry headphones - car keys - spare house keys - iphone 4S with union jack case - spearmint gum
beauty essentials: cherry carmex lip balm - dolce & gabbana "the one" perfume - nivea hand cream - elizabeth arden mineral powder foundation
I always love seeing other people do this post for some reason, so I thought it was time to share mine!
My bag is from Accessorize and I got it for Christmas, when I did pick it out for my Christmas list I never expected it to be so popular as five other people at my school have this bag, two of them in this same colour and three in different -.- but I think it's because it's a very reasonable price at £39 for excellent quality, so it's understandable.
In sixth form, I study Maths with Statistics, Biology and Chemistry which requires me to bring in a text book for each lesson which is annoying because I hate having a heavy bag. The A5 notebook is from Wilkinsons and was an incredible bargain of 10p and so I use it write my rough notes before I write them in neat in my pukka pad. I don't really know why I carry around a spare house key as well as my normal house key on my car keys because I'm 99.9999% sure I'll never not have my car keys since I drive to and from school everyday but I really would hate to be locked out the house for some mad reason! I don't tend to take my makeup bag to school, just because I can imagine I'd never use it as I don't really have time to ever top up my makeup and it would just take up more space as well. All I take is my powder in case I'm having an oily T-zone day, ya know. On a normal non-school day, I pretty much take these exact same things minus the textbooks/notebooks, calculator and ruler. Except I might chuck in a random book that I would be currently reading, which at the moment would be Paper Towns by John Green.
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Saturday, 23 February 2013

nnedi recommends #1

my favourite quote p.39 "And in that moment, I swear we were infinite."
- definition of a wallflower (noun) - a shy person, who is frightened to involve themselves in social activities and does not attract much interest or attention.

A new series of posts that I like to call 'Nnedi recommends..' in which I recommend a product/item that I've been loving recently and that I'd like to share with you all.
I'm sure that most people would have heard about this by now seeing as the movie came out recently and was a huge success. I haven't actually watched the movie myself but I plan to buy the DVD soon-ish. I have a habit of reading the same type of books; extremely girly, love story, girl wants the guy whose already taken blah blah blah and always written from a girl's point of view. So after being recommended this book to read by my best friend, I thought now would be a good time to broaden my horizons when it comes to reading. 
The book is written in a series of letters written by the main protagonist, Charlie, in which he discusses his day-to-day highs and lows when going through high school as a "wallflower". The kind of thing most of us would go through as a teenager such as, falling in love, not fitting in, making new friends, trying new things, hard family life, trying to get good grades etc. What I love about this book is that Charlie is genuinely a nice person and quite relatable in some cases, which makes him so lovable as a character and makes for a really easy read; I was able to finish it within about 5 days and all I could say when I finished it was: "Wow". It's quite an emotional book although not a particularly sad one, just a book that really does make you think about life as it's pretty deep. 

Q: have you read this book or watched the film? what are your opinions on either or both?

Monday, 18 February 2013

a fist full of glitter in the air

Following on from my post about glittery nails, I decided to actually go out and buy my first glitter nail polish (oh the excitement). I figured that covering all my nails in glitter might be a tad out there, so I went for a combination of the two. Barry M nail polish will always be my favourite, closely followed by Topshop Nails, it's definitely the best quality for its price I feel.
The only problem with the glitter one is that it's a bitch to get off! I was taking it off with a cotton pad and it was just falling apart and getting stuck the glitter and I'm pretty sure I used like an eighth of the bottle of nail varnish remover; however I guess that means it's pretty long lasting.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

my 'luxury' wishlist #1

Basically, I bought a money bank which I keep on my desk and at the end of each day any loose change I may have in my purse I put in this money bank. Seeing how I have nothing really big to save for such as a new laptop or phone, I thought I could use the money I do save to buy myself "luxury" items that I want but either wouldn't usually dare buying because the price scares me away or just having got round to buying. You see naturally, I am a bit of a cheap skate, I don't like spending my money on things that are higher end if I can get the same for like half the price. Although I have been started to realise it's good to treat myself once in a while, so at the end of every 2 or 3 week period I'm going to open my money bank and buy one of these items with whatever I have saved. This way I don't feel like I'm actually spending my money.

Never did I ever think I'd think about spending this much on a foundation but I think it will be worth it as I want to stop using concealer now and just use foundation.
I own like no lipsticks, the three I do have are good for nights out but aren't very good for everyday, this one however is nice pinky nudey neutral which hopefully will be suitable.

I am absolutely in love with the smell of this, I don't tend to buy my perfumes because it's sort of a tradition that my dad buys them from duty-free whenever he goes abroad but since he's not going away for a while I thought I might as well buy some myself.
Can't wait to slap this on my face to be honest.

5. JUST DANCE 4 (Wii) | £19
I have Just Dance 1 & 2 and I love them so Just Dance 4 is an excellent investment for me as there's some really good songs on there and I'm trying to get a "beach bod" in time for my holiday in July.
Read so many good things about this toner on other blogs and since I'm almost out of my Clarins toner.