Sunday, 23 June 2013

recent summer holiday buys

BLUE AND WHITE STRIPE HIGH WAIST SHORTS (on sale) at Miss Selfridge | £28 £14.40
CREAM LACE TURTLE NECK CROP from Miss Selfridge | £16
BLACK WHITE SPOT CROP TOP from Internacionale £10.99
CREAM LACE VEST TOP (on sale) at Internacionale | £5
PHOEBE AZTEC CROP TOP from Boohoo | £8
NEON PINK CROP TOP from Primark | £3
Now that I have finally finished my final A2 exams, my summer can now begin! These are just some of my most recent buys that I've acquired over this month of June or so. After now photographing and writing this post, I've realised that I've really been liking crop tops recently seeing as I bought four.. It really sucks that it's not quite summer yet in England though, seeing as there's been pretty much torrential rain all of today and I'm still wearing black opaque tights and jackets everywhere :( however it's only 18 days until I'm in the 40 degree heat of Faliraki so I can't complain too much.

Monday, 10 June 2013

summer ombre nails

SALLY HANSEN MIRACLE CURE - BARRY M (318 PEACH MELBA, 305 PINK FLAMINGO, 308 BERRY ICE CREAM) - SOME SPONGE (a cut off part of the kitchen sponge..)
STEP 1: Clean off any previous nail polish of course and apply a clear base coat
STEP 2: Pick your colours of nail polish - go for a light pale colour as the bottom colour (such as white, peach, lemon yellow, mint green) and then a bright colour in a similar colour palette (such as coral, hot pink, bright/neon orange, dark blue etc.)
STEP 3: Apply the bottom colour - I had to do two coats in order to get the desired colour
STEP 4: Put a blob of your light colour and bright/darker colour next to each other on some paper to avoid mess!
STEP 5: Use a cocktail stick to mix the two colours together until you get a nice in between colour
STEP 6: Dab your sponge into the colour horizontally so you get a mix of all the colours across the sponge
STEP 7: Dab the sponge on your nails, with the lighter colour at the base and the darker colour at the top

STEP 8: Then dab the sponge directly into the darker colour and put it right on the tips for a more obvious gradient
STEP 9: Use some nail polish remover to clean around the edges because it is super messy or you can just wait a day and take a shower and the nail polish on your skin usually comes right off

- I tried using this lavender colour as well before putting on the hot pink for a different gradient of colour on my other hand. I think I like that better with the more tones of colour :-)
THE FINAL LOOK - forgive me as I'm too lazy to clean the excess off of my hands haha
Q: what nail trend are you loving for this summer?