Saturday, 9 June 2018


When I started university back in 2013, I wanted a way to earn a little bit of extra cash on the side because I knew I wouldn't have enough time to get a job. As well as doing occasional computer studies and experiments whilst at university that would pay up to about £20/hour, I used a number of different survey/study websites that pay out in cash or gift cards, and I thought I'd share them with you.

PROLIFIC (no screenouts!)
I only recently started found this website (as in a few days ago) and I've already made £20! This is 100% the best survey website I've come across. It's a website that universities and big companies use to recruit participants for their surveys and studies, so when you apply, you apply to be available as a participant. Once you've been accepted, you wait for the studies to come. On the dashboard, there will be a list of studies available, including how much you will be paid for the study and how long it will approximately take. So if you have lots of free time (like I have recently), you can do studies that are like an hour and a half and get paid £11, or if you're busy then you can do a 10 minute study and still get paid £1.50. After completing the study, you have to wait for your response to be approved by the researcher, which usually takes about a day and then you get paid. You cash out the money you've earned via Paypal once you reach the £5 threshold. If you cash out less than £20, then there will be Paypal fees but if you cash out more than £20 then Prolific will cover the Paypal fees.

This isn't your typical survey website. There are a number of different ways to earn Swagbucks, from doing polls, to filling out surveys, to downloading apps, to watching videos, to simply making your everyday searches! I mainly use it to do surveys as they seem to give the biggest reward, but you can also earn a lot of Swagbucks (SB) by signing up to different websites or by getting cashback on your everyday purchases (some websites you can earn up to 15% cashback) - note that the cashback is given in the form of SB. Once you have earned enough SB you can then redeem rewards from the Swagbucks shop, such as Amazon gift cards, M&S gift cards or you can have a Paypal transfer. To date (in 2 months) I have earned £20 in Amazon gift cards and I only use it for surveys, which I don't do all that often, and I know people that earn have made £100 in a day! Plus they give out more SB when it's a special event/holiday season, for example when it was St Patricks day or at Christmas.

This is the highest paying cashback site there is and you'd be silly not to use it to be honest. Once you have an account, it's really simple. When you're doing your usual online shopping before you checkout and pay, go on the TopCashback website and search to see if the shop you're buying from is currently offering cashback and if they are then you just need to click on the link to the shop website via the TopCashback website and it will track the order you make to then reward you with a certain % cashback. It doesn't cost you anything extra, and you're getting money back on the normal purchases you make!

I've been using this from my first year of being a student, it's a great way for those aged 16 to 30 to earn extra cash by doing interesting surveys. They email out surveys (it averages out to about once a month) and each survey can earn you up to 400 points (equivalent of £4), the screenout rate for most of the surveys is low. They don't pay out until you've reached £25 worth of points and then after that they give you a code to spend on a gift card to use at hundreds of shops/restaurants in-store and online, so you're bound to find somewhere you want to spend your £25 on. To date since 2014 I have earned £98.50 in vouchers, and I only really do it every now and then when I have time. As a bonus, you automatically get £10 worth of points when you sign up, so it really won't be long until you reach the first £25 threshold, and after each £25 they usually give you another free £10 to boost you up again, so you only really have to do £15 worth of surveys each time.

So back in the day, VIPON (used to be AmzTrader/AmzReviews) was amazing! I have got about 50 different things for free or like 90% off from this website through Amazon, and you just used to have to write an honest Amazon review in exchange. Things including kitchen scales, retinol serum, phone cases, vitamin C serum, face brush, body weight scales, teeth whitening kits - the list goes on. But now because Amazon has changed some of its rules, it doesn't allow sellers to give products for free anymore in exchange for a review. So instead there are still lots of discounted products on there however they are not as discounted as they used to be and the range of products isn't quite the same since discounts don't guarantee a review for the sellers anymore. I still do use it though, especially for phone cases, iPhone accessories and screen protectors, as you can usually get those for less than £1. Also Amazon Prime is pretty much a necessity because virtually all the items you get free delivery with Amazon Prime, otherwise you'd have to pay like £3 which would defeat the purpose really.

Are there any websites that you can recommend to earn money/free stuff online?

*Some of the links are referral links. If you do sign up to a website using them, they don't cost you anything extra but I will receive a small amount of commission and I would really appreciate it.*


  1. These websites sound pretty good to earn free money on.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Have you tried cashing out from any of these sites? :)

    1. No problem! Yes I've received pay outs from all of them with no issues :-) x

  3. I feel like I just struck gold with this post. I'm definitely taking your word for it, and trying them out.


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