Friday, 15 June 2018

MY HAPPY PLACE (feat. a tiny bit of DIY)

My bedroom at my family home is my absolute happy place and I really like to make it feel like that. I thought I'd share with you a few snippets of it.

My shelf:
I like to have my favourite books on display on my shelf above my desk, these include Me Before You and After You by Jojo Moyes and The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I've just bought (secondhand, save the planet and all that) The Last Letter from your Lover by Jojo Moyes and Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon that I plan to read whilst I'm on holiday in July.
My current perfumes sit beside my books - I like to collect all the Beyonce perfumes since they're such an easy fragrance to wear everyday and super affordable, plus I am Beyonce enthusiast so it'd be rude not to. My absolute favourite everyday fragrance (which isn't pictured) is Lancome La Vie Est Belle, it lasts all day and has become somewhat my signature scent. I'm excited to try out my newest scent, Michael Kors Wonderlust, once the Lancome runs out.

My dresser:
These faux white roses are actually a new addition to my room, they are souvenir from one of my close friends weddings where I was a bridesmaid, so they are very sentimental for me. I bought the tall glass container (on the right) from Primark to hold by cotton pads. The glass jar that I use to hold my cotton buds was a little bit of DIY that utilises an old jar that used to house blue raspberry bon bons. I washed out the jar and removed the labels, and tied this string around the top to make it look a little more pretty - I originally wanted to leave the lid off but my mum helpfully reminded me of all the dust that would land in the jar without it, so I kept the lid (mother's wise words).

(Blogger killed the photo quality, sorry)
My wall:
Above my bed sits two prints from Desenio, which I love for how simple they are and also the colour scheme of them fits well with the rest of my room - I put them in these frameless picture frames. In the middle of those two prints, I wanted to put a quote but thought long and hard about what quote was my favourite and ended up with 'whatever is going to happen will happen, whether you worry or not'. I really like this quote because I can be a bit of a worrier from time to time and sometimes give way too much attention to things that I'm unable to change, so it's a suitable quote. Underneath the prints is another tiny bit of DIY. I bought this twine string and mini wooden pegs from Amazon (I think) and hung some of my scenic holiday snaps (incl. Portugal, Disneyland, Budapest, Paris, Mexico, Vienna), which I think looks really cute. I'm actually considering putting another row of photos underneath. 
On that small section of windowsill you can see, is my succulent which I really need to re-home into a bigger pot and my delicious Yankee Candle in Summer Scoop that my brother got for me last Christmas.

My table:
Over this past year or so, I've really become a plant and flower lover. I love having the pop of colour and they're beneficial to have around you, so it's a win-win really! A succulent plant can help cleanse the air you breathe by removing toxins. Every birthday or celebration, I'm like 'yesssss flowers please'. I'm really looking forward to building my plant collection, I think a monstera deliciosa (aka a cheese plant) is next on my list.

Where's your happy place?


  1. I love all of your decor!!

  2. i love your wall decor, it's very simple but so pretty!! & plants are such a great way to liven up a room, seeing yours makes me wanna add some cactuses to my room lol (:
    xo, Nora

    1. Aww thank you! And yes plants make a room look so pretty xo

  3. I'm loving how creative and talented you are, what a beautifully decorated room!! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Love from London,

    1. Aww thank you so much, I really appreciate it! xo

  4. I love plants and flowers in my home..

    x Lisa |

    1. Me too, I’m going to fill my future home full of them! xo


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