Monday, 10 June 2013

summer ombre nails

SALLY HANSEN MIRACLE CURE - BARRY M (318 PEACH MELBA, 305 PINK FLAMINGO, 308 BERRY ICE CREAM) - SOME SPONGE (a cut off part of the kitchen sponge..)
STEP 1: Clean off any previous nail polish of course and apply a clear base coat
STEP 2: Pick your colours of nail polish - go for a light pale colour as the bottom colour (such as white, peach, lemon yellow, mint green) and then a bright colour in a similar colour palette (such as coral, hot pink, bright/neon orange, dark blue etc.)
STEP 3: Apply the bottom colour - I had to do two coats in order to get the desired colour
STEP 4: Put a blob of your light colour and bright/darker colour next to each other on some paper to avoid mess!
STEP 5: Use a cocktail stick to mix the two colours together until you get a nice in between colour
STEP 6: Dab your sponge into the colour horizontally so you get a mix of all the colours across the sponge
STEP 7: Dab the sponge on your nails, with the lighter colour at the base and the darker colour at the top

STEP 8: Then dab the sponge directly into the darker colour and put it right on the tips for a more obvious gradient
STEP 9: Use some nail polish remover to clean around the edges because it is super messy or you can just wait a day and take a shower and the nail polish on your skin usually comes right off

- I tried using this lavender colour as well before putting on the hot pink for a different gradient of colour on my other hand. I think I like that better with the more tones of colour :-)
THE FINAL LOOK - forgive me as I'm too lazy to clean the excess off of my hands haha
Q: what nail trend are you loving for this summer?


  1. Oh wow i love this, never thought to do something like it!

  2. omg i love your peachy ombre heels so so much! super cute and fun<3

    check out my latest outfit post! :)

  3. Lovely post - never thought of doing this!
    New follower x

  4. love the peachy ombre look - I'd try it out but I'd fail lol :$ xx

    Liv | Queen Of The Jumble


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