Sunday, 23 June 2013

recent summer holiday buys

BLUE AND WHITE STRIPE HIGH WAIST SHORTS (on sale) at Miss Selfridge | £28 £14.40
CREAM LACE TURTLE NECK CROP from Miss Selfridge | £16
BLACK WHITE SPOT CROP TOP from Internacionale £10.99
CREAM LACE VEST TOP (on sale) at Internacionale | £5
PHOEBE AZTEC CROP TOP from Boohoo | £8
NEON PINK CROP TOP from Primark | £3
Now that I have finally finished my final A2 exams, my summer can now begin! These are just some of my most recent buys that I've acquired over this month of June or so. After now photographing and writing this post, I've realised that I've really been liking crop tops recently seeing as I bought four.. It really sucks that it's not quite summer yet in England though, seeing as there's been pretty much torrential rain all of today and I'm still wearing black opaque tights and jackets everywhere :( however it's only 18 days until I'm in the 40 degree heat of Faliraki so I can't complain too much.


  1. Congrats on your exams hun. I love the lace crop top- so cute! Love the blog Xx

    1. Ahh such a relief to be finished! :) and aww thanks xo

  2. great buys.
    those crop tops are so cute.

  3. Sch cute buys, please check out my blog I would appreciate it so much x

    Millie x

  4. The black and white t-shirt is so cute :)
    Elise Dopson x

  5. In love with your blog, it would mean so much to me if you checked out my blog :)

  6. I own something similar to your lace vest top, it really love it because it dresses up an outfit just a little bit. Some lovely patterns here!

    Lou x
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog

  7. Good article, I love Crop top sooooo much. Last summer i almost wear it all the time, you know it is not only easy to wear but also looks fresh, chic & versatile. Most important things,it make me feel so good, comfortable and sexy! I got my Crop Tops from this stop because it always stocks an extensive range of crop tops. If anyone haven’t tried one yet, it’s about time you do it


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